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Your creative process is one of the most sacred things to you as an artist. It reveals what inspires you, how you let ideas manifest, how you choose to bring them to life. Every interaction you have within your creative process is a chance to demonstrate who you are and how you work. 


Creative Process Sessions are designed to do just that—to document you, the human behind the art, in your element. Think of it as an unposed branding session where instead of smiling for the camera and hoping it captures who you are, you’re already immersed in your most natural state of flow. All you have to do is make your art, and I take care of capturing it.

This offering was made for the creatives who want to pull back the curtain and reveal the face behind their work. It's for the artists who want to better connect with their fans and give them more than just the end result. It's for the entrepreneurs who want to show their ideal clients how they work, but are tired of pulling out their phone to take behind-the-scenes content.

This is for any creative soul with the courage to share their unfinished projects, because they know it will help them embrace the parts of themselves that are still in progress, too.

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sketching at sunrise in your favorite spot, taking film photos around your neighborhood,

brainstorming with clients, recording a song, jamming out with your friends on the roof,

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writing at your desk, taking a walk to clear your head, styling a model, making collages,

doing a bride's makeup, cooking your favorite meal, painting a mural on your basement wall,

dancing in the studio, filming a music video, throwing a bowl on the pottery wheel, pulling tarot cards, knitting a sweater, 

embroidering a pillow, arranging flowers, touching up a tattoo, making clay earrings

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I believe humans are most beautiful ​when in their element—no matter what (or how) you create, I want to capture your magic and help you share it with the world.

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Untitled_Artwork 26.png
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There are few artists I’ve met who understand creativity like Hannah does, and her ability to evoke that expressive passion from those around her is a gift as fine as it is rare. To invite Hannah into your most vulnerable and personal moments of creativity is to transfigure your own passion into a perpetual motion machine—to defy our ill notions of scarcity and remind us that there is always room for more beauty if we allow ourselves to let go of fear and let love into our hearts.

~ Aidan

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Untitled_Artwork 31.png


Investment: $777

2-hour photo session
Creative Process Sessions are unlike any session I've offered before—the entire session is designed to capture you in your element, so I won't be posing you until the very end when we take a few headshots and show off your finished product.

You get to decide which parts of your creative process you'd like to capture, and I'll follow your lead. In
your final gallery, you'll get 50+ images showing off different aspects of you interacting with your work (as an example, the photos you see here are from Aidan's gallery, where he sketched different scenes around Central Park).

1-hour creative coaching
Before your session, we'll meet for a one-hour coaching call to work through the different parts of your process and any creative blocks you may be facing right now. The idea behind this call is to help you connect more with the way you work and uncover any hesitations you may have about sharing a project while it's still in progress.

It's vulnerable to pull back the curtain on your process, especially in front of a camera, so I want to make sure that all of your questions are answered and you feel confident before I photograph you. We can either do this over the phone or in-person before your session!

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This is more than just a photo session.
This package was designed to help you feel more confident in yourself, your art, and your creativity as a whole. It's a way to better connect with the people who love your work by showing them the human who lovingly creates it. It's a way to take your art seriously and show that it's worth investing in—and so are you.


...or, if you need more info first, check out this podcast episode about Creative Process Sessions!

Ready to get started?
Here's my step-by-step booking timeline!






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Submit my contact form and I'll reply with more info within 24 hours! Feel free to include as many details as possible about your creative work and vision for the session.

You'll receive a link to sign up for a free consultation, where I'll answer any questions you might have before booking. We can also do this via email!

If you decide to move forward, I'll send over your contract and invoice. The first payment is a nonrefundable retainer fee to secure your slot.

You'll get a confirmation email and a link to sign up for your 1-hour creative coaching call. We can also do this in-person before the photo session!

On the day of the session, your only job is to do what you do best—make your art! I'll stay relatively quiet and only pose you at the end for a few headshots.

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About Hannah 🌈

NYC Creative Portrait Photographer

Hi! I'm Hannah, a NYC-based portrait photographer who helps creatives build confidence and make their life into their greatest masterpiece.


I work with entrepreneurs, freelance artists, and other creative souls to celebrate their creative process in both art and life, whether that's a brand session to attract their ideal client or dancing in the biggest dress you can find at the thrift store.


If you're ready to scribble all over the page, take up as much space as possible, and truly embrace what gets your creative juices flowing, let's connect!

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Creative Juice Box Podcast

Capri Sun for the Creative Soul 🧃

No matter if you're a full-time artist or haven't created since elementary school, everyone has untapped creative potential waiting to be unlocked. Creative Juice Box is a weekly podcast that helps you connect with yourself better so you can overcome creative blocks and create the work of your dreams.

Listen now on Spoify and Apple Podcasts!

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