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Why I'm behind the lens...

There was never a single "moment" when I first started photography. Since I was young, I've always experienced the world through a photographer's eye, whether it was setting up my Webkinz to model for me (lol) or having fashion shoots with my friends at sleepovers.

After years of photographing my friends and anything else I could find with my little point-and-shoot camera, I started learning how to use a DSLR and playing with camera settings. I experimented with landscape, still-life, and nature photography, then finally came back to my love of portrait photography when I started my business in college!


Starting my business was the single BEST decision I've ever made—it's helped me build such a beautiful community (with both clients and other photographers) and explore all of the depths of my creativity. As an introvert, this work has truly healed my relationship with myself. 🤍

...and also in front of it. 📸

So about me being an introvert... I naturally feel a lot more comfortable *behind* the camera. After years of taking photos of my friends and viewing them as the main characters in my life, I never felt like my own appearance was good enough to be featured in my portfolio.


As I built my business throughout college, I avoided sharing photos of myself on my page and closed myself off from sharing who I am with my clients. But if I’ve never stood where they stand, how can I expect them to be vulnerable with me too? *cue Brené Brown's TEDTalk*


It wasn't until 2021 that I made the leap (even though I was scared of being ~perceived~) to take self portraits and model for other photographers to truly understand my clients' experience. I've been absolutely shocked at how much it's helped me grow not just as a photographer, but also as a person. I stopped caring as much about what others thought of me and leaned into what makes me unique, which has helped me create a space for my clients where they can feel comfortable doing the same! ✨

So... how did I get here?







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Started high school and picked up a DSLR for the first time! Spent a lot of time running through the woods with my friends and taking dramatic editorial photos with fun props and thrifted clothes.

Took my first photography class where I learned to shoot and develop my own film! Throughout high school, I experimented with Photoshop and conceptual art which eventually led to my AP Design portfolio.

My first year of college and in business! I started the year by taking fun portraits of my college friends and by the end of the year, I was being hired by mutual friends for headshots and senior photos.

Graduated from the University of Michigan...into a pandemic! During quarantine, I dove into photography education and started creating a new "cinematic" editing style (which I still use).

Moved to my Detroit apartment! Started my full-time job in medical education, started sharing self portraits on social media, and went to Utah to shoot with my favorite photographer!


10 Things I Love:

  1. Thrills. I'm a thrill-seeker and grew up riding all the biggest roller coasters at Cedar Point. On my 18th birthday, I even skipped school to go skydiving!

  2. Personality tests. Specifically, the Myers-Briggs personality test (I'm an INFJ) and the Enneagram test (I'm a Type 4w3).

  3. Spotify. I listen to a *lot* of music—according to Spotify Wrapped, I listened to 65,164 minutes of music in 2021. 🙃 I also love making playlists! Here's my go-to photoshoot playlist.

  4. Polaroids. I got a cute little Polaroid Now camera in 2021 and love it! I'm looking to bring it with me to more shoots in 2022.

  5. Stuffed animals. I'm growing a slow but powerful collection of Squishmallows. One day they might overthrow me, and I'll accept my fate when it comes.

  6. Animal Crossing. My quarantine hobby (more like full-time job) was playing Animal Crossing New Horizons on the Nintendo Switch. Please don't ask how many hours I logged into that game because it's absolutely heinous.

  7. The moon. This one is bordering on an obsession... if you ever visit my apartment, you'll see why (they're literally everywhere). 🌙

  8. Sparkles. My favorite emoji is the sparkles ✨✨ which is why they're included in my brand logo! 

  9. Writing. Writing is another one of those "lifelong passions" I have, just like photography. I grew up writing funny short stories, then became interested in poetry and performed in poetry slams during high school. In college, I studied creative writing and transitioned to journalism and memoir writing!

  10. Playing music. I play the guitar, piano, ukulele, and sing!

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While some of these photos of me on this site are self-portraits, others were taken by other talented photographers!


Marina Williams - Frances Gu - Quinn Kirby 

Sammy Taylor - Brandon Mathews - Ty K. Harmon



I took some of the images on this site at Colorpop, a content weekend hosted by Marina Williams and Ashley Isenhour in Utah! I was selected among 20 photographers invited to the second Colorpop event in September 2021. Find all of my photos here with model/styling credits.

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